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Love Covers All

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

When we properly harness our power whether it is personal or positional in ways that are an expression and a fuller expansion of our love for ourselves and for others; it can shift and overturn the evil in the world that stims from the misuse and abuse of power. Imagine what would happen if we appropriately used the power that has been given to us whether personal or positional power, if we refused to allow people to take our power from us, and if we used our power to promote and demonstrate LOVE for ourselves and others! What a marvelous world we could create collectively.

This message comes from a heart of concern about a lack of understanding about LOVE.

How many of you have heard of relationships and marriages ending because one and even sometimes both parties have concluded that they are “no longer in love”?

I have heard this countless times; and sadly, I recently learned that a marriage is ending and the female was told by her husband that he was no longer in love with her.

Truthfully, often we love the idea of who we believe someone is. Or perhaps we love how someone looks or how they make us feel. We like the attention we are receiving. In each of the scenarios, it is more about us than the other person. Often, truth be told, we don’t even really know the other person and they don’t know us.

The fact is, we are often largely mistaken about what love truly is. Many believe it is an emotion or feeling. Is it? Some believe it is about obsessive thoughts about another person throughout the day and night or butterflies. That is infatuation. It’s exciting. It’s fun, but it is not LOVE.

Ooh child, I can tell you firsthand about the painful aspects of love; the sacrifice; and even how beautiful love can be when it’s REAL and when it is RECIPROCATED.

Love becomes the most beautiful thing in the world when you first choose to love YOU unconditionally, and next when someone chooses to love you after learning everything about you. I am talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am talking about someone knowing things that are embarrassing that you would not want anyone else to know about you; your failures, and even the times when you clap back, show your tail, act the fool, and when you disappoint them and let them down. They accept you even when you are at your lowest, they forgive you, and choose to love you in spite of your shortcomings, the pain you cause them, and the mistakes you make.

They are humble enough to remember they are imperfect and don’t always get it right, and they remember the unconditional love of our Father and the unmeritous Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness He has shown them time and time again. They extend that same Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness to you. They wisely read between the lines of the circumstances, and reserve judgment. They choose to love you, even when it hurts.

They notice even the smallest of things, like how you bite your bottom lip when you are nervous. They think it is cute. They even love the green birthmark on the side of your head that you hate. They love it, because it is part of you. They love the way you talk to the characters on the screen as if they can hear you tell them where to go, what to say, and what to do. They love your compassion for people, and how you get fired up when someone is mistreated. They love your heart, and your desire to help save the world even though there is only one SAVIOR. They love the twinkle in your eyes, and the excitement that you get from bringing joy to others. They love, your silliness and excessive giggling when you get sleepy. They love the way that you come alive when you hear music, and your tendency to spend the entire night on the dance floor shutting establishments down.

They know you inside and out. That is what love is, you at your Finest and your Worst and being accepted just as you are with flaws, imperfections, a thickening waist line, loss of hair, failures, sickness, and all the rest. Choosing to love the special uniqueness that you bring to the world; and lovingly encouraging you to follow your dreams, and to be authentically who God created you to Be.

This type of love is selfless and sacrificial. It takes time to grow and evolve and will be tested through times of great sorrow, pain, trials, and tribulations. After all, nothing of value comes easy. It is easy to say you love someone when things are easy and when people behave in the way you would like them to; and when people do what we would like them to when we would like them to do it even if they lose themselves and their unique identity to become what we want them to become.

I for one believe in acceptance and in allowing people to be who they are and not projecting myself on anyone. Instead, I would encourage others to Become the Best and Highest version of themselves; and will resist the urge to attempt to make anyone over into the image of what I think they ought to be.

Know that you are human and there may be times when you may find yourself projecting or not allowing people to be their authentic self. This happens a great deal with those of us who are parents. In those instances, it takes self-awareness, growth, and maturity to be able to check yourself, apologize, and to make a course correction.

If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that there will be times when we may not like our loved one’s behavior and vice-versa; and times when the sight of each other makes you sick; or times when you imagine (not doing it) yourself knocking them upside their head (I am being REAL); but you choose to BE LOVE, and to LOVE others in spite of not liking your loved one's behavior or decisions. If you are operating in Godly wisdom, self-control, peace, love, etc., you will be led to collect yourself, go somewhere and pray, and get you and your emotions in check. No one is PERFECT!

Be Love, Be Intentional, and Choose to Love without conditions!



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