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Dear New Norm

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I greet you humbly with an open heart and mind. As I reflect on where I have been, where I am presently, and the possibilities of what lies ahead, my heart overflows with gratitude and a new sense of being.

Thank you for granting me this pause that has opened the door to new opportunities and a fresh perspective on life, living, and loving. Thank you for helping me to see and to prioritize what matters most. New norm, thank you for silence, peace, and stillness that allows me to be one with God; and the opportunity to rest at His feet and to bask in the glow of His unconditional and unfailing love.

Thank you for removing the hastiness of a busy, distracted, and often stress-filled life, and for granting me the gift of serenity and purpose filled time. Thank you for the creation of wonderful experiences and memories with my family and friends. Thank you for granting me the time, dedication, and focus to intentionally, creatively, and innovatively seek ways to be an instrument of transformation and a beacon of hope and love. Thank you for the endless opportunities to be used for the advancement of the Kingdom of God despite a culture of social distancing. Thank you for time to reflect on and learn from my regrets and failures and to intentionally seek opportunities daily to be stretched, refined, and to grow; and to help others do the same.

Thank you for the new song you have placed deep within the crevices of my heart; and for moving me beyond faith to TRUST. Thank you for igniting the flame that fans my soul and fuels my worship and praise as I dance gracefully before the Lord.

Thank you for laughter, and new ways to experience the beauty of creation. Thank you for opportunities that permit me to make dark and challenging times rewarding and transformative experiences for me, my family, and for others. Thank you for the opportunity for introspection that moves me out of my comfort zone, and activates and unleashes greatness in me and in others. Thank you for moving me to higher ground, and for divine revelation, discernment, and the ability to see myself and humanity on the other side of this storm.

Thank you for the new history that is in the making and for preparation and training for the future. Thank you for technology that allows me to stay connected with friends and family, to send virtual hugs, and share words of encouragement, hope, and inspiration.

Thank you for bringing to mind God’s promises, the truth of His Word, Kingdom principals to live by, and the wisdom to exercise my choice to choose a life of abundance that is God-focused, God-centered, and God-honoring. Thank you for a life of selfless devotion and commitment to total abandonment of self and pursuit of the Lord. Thank you for a life in which the only constant is the Lord my God whom I choose daily to love, serve, follow, hear His voice, and to hold fast to. Thank you that I choose to rejoice whether in good times or the worst of times.

Thank you for revelation that leads to my continual transformation and for the gifts that have been stirred up and cultivated in me for such a time as this. Thank you for the illumination of my mind and for bringing to my awareness opportunities to share my deep abiding faith with others in unimaginable ways. Thank you for the desire, ability, knowledge, and opportunities to influence, add value to, multiply, and transform the lives of others helping them to thrive, grow, evolve from the inside out, and rise above their current conditions.

Thank you for giving me new wine skin, roots and faith that grow deeper in my Savior, the truth of His word, and a life that is built on Him. Thank you for the daily renewing of my mind and a deeper understanding of my purpose. Thank you for the cultivation of a willing and obedient heart that propels me forward into my God ordained destiny; and into the fulfillment of all that I was created and purposed to do.

Thank you for transparency and life lived as a living testament and witness to God’s infinite goodness and mercy and opportunities to authentically share my feelings and experiences without fear of judgement, and lovingly offer others that same experience. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the current conditions in the world in a way that pleases God. Thank you for the platform that has been made available to me to educate, aspire, inspire, motivate, and help others to live empowered lives in which they lead themselves and others well.

Thank you for the heart and humility to love others unconditionally; and to Be all that I was created to Be, Do what I was instructed to Do, and to Receive all that God has made available to me. Thank you, New Norm, for divine connections, resources, and hands that lift others. Thank you for the perseverance and endurance to stay the course, and the wisdom to make the care of my mind, body, and soul a priority while doing the work that God has created and purposed me to do.

Thank you, New Norm!



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