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You are indestructible. It may not seem that way in the midst of the storms that life throws at you, or when you feel rejected, lost, and abandoned. It's hard to feel God's presence in the midst of your disappointment, sorrows, and pain. You definitely don't feel indestructible -- but you are, and ShaNita will prove it to you.

This book is far more than ShaNita's story of the struggles she faced throughout her life that made her the woman she is today. Within each chapter, you will find relatable life stories, helpful, scripture-based insights, and wisdom that you can put into action today. In this series, you will be guided through three stages:

Volume 1 -- The Inception

Volume 2 -- The Awakening

Volume 3 -- The Metamorphosis

Indestructible provides practical and biblical truths that promote healing, transformation, restoration, and renewal.


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